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Better Bits is a digital agency specializing in web design and online marketing solutions. We’ve been helping our clients on the road to success since 2004.

What We Do

From websites to branding, marketing, and search engine optimization, we deliver superior results to your business.


Our design takes a visionary approach to creating a website. We leverage all factors: Curb appeal to attract prospects, dynamic copy to drive sales, and mobile capability for access on any platform.


Proper branding is vital to your success and the value of your company. We work with you to create a memorable, relateable brand that conveys your core identity and propels your business to future growth.


Good SEO is more than just rankings, it's about relevancy in search and the quality of the traffic it attracts. We make sure your search results provide the answers to the questions your prospects are asking.


Creating a clear, actionable brand image showcasing the vision of your company.

Web Design

Visually appealing and call-to-action oriented websites that will delight and engage your clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Helping your best prospects find you with feature-rich keywords and advanced search capabilities.

Information Architecture

Custom programming and integrations for across-the-web usability with the latest in technology.

Content Strategy

Creating the words and images that let your customers and visitors know they've come to exactly the right place.

Business Consulting

Strategic planning, competitive analysis, identifying trends and opportunities to ensure you're always one step ahead.

We Design For Mobile Platforms Too

A strong mobile strategy should be first and foremost in your choice of a web design firm. For example, did you know that a significant part of your potential audience will likely access your site from a mobile device and the costs of ignoring it are high. A recent study showed over 49% of users say if a site isn’t mobile accessible it means that the business simply “doesn’t care” and they may be gone forever. But relax, we’ve got you covered. At BetterBits, we bake mobile features into every site we build.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere

These days, your website has to look good and respond instantly on all kinds of devices and platforms, and it’s critically important to your business that they do. At BetterBits, we’re mobile experts and rigorously design every site for responsiveness and ease-of-use with a testing and development technology that produces a premium look and feel for all of your mobile visitors. It’s all part of what we offer, and your customers wouldn’t want it any other way!

Recent Projects

We go the extra mile to make sure your projects are done right. Click below to view some examples of our work.

Let's Work Together

Talking about your ideas is the first step towards making them a reality. You know your business, we know how to make it shine. What could be better?